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On January 31, 2014, the State Board of Education approved House Bill 5 adopting new rules regarding Texas high school curriculum and graduation requirements. In response to these new requirements, Lorena High School will hold mandatory eighth grade parent and student meetings on April 21 and April 24.  Both meetings will be held in the Lorena High School Commons at 6 PM. All current eighth grade parents and students are highly encouraged to attend one of these meetings. Information concerning House Bill 5 curriculum and graduation requirements will be presented, and parents will have an opportunity to ask questions. This information will allow parents and students to make informed decisions regarding freshmen requirements and electives.

At the end of each meeting, parents and students will be asked to complete a 2014-2015 Freshmen Choice Sheet and to select an endorsement. Information regarding endorsements will be presented, and advisers will be available to assist with this process. Choice sheets must be signed and turned in before students can register for their freshmen classes. For more information prior to the meetings, students and parents may reference LHS House Bill 5 graduation requirements and possible endorsements which are located on the Lorena High School website.

You can click here to find all the Info for Incoming Freshmen on the High School's Guidance and Counseling page. Please make plans to attend one of the two important meetings on either April 21 or April 24. For more information, call the high school office at 254-857-4604.
Our students represented LHS very well in the UIL District Competition.


LD Debate: Brent Norcross got to the 3rd round.

Ready Writing: Emily Holt placed 5th

Number Sense: Jacob Adams placed 5th, Nicholas Harris placed 3rd.  Nicholas advances to region!
The team of Jacob Adams, Nicholas Harris, Jenette McQuerry and Travis Wilfong placed 2nd overall

Computer Applications: Ashlyn Marshall placed 5th.

Accounting: Tanner Dawson placed 2nd, Charles Quass placed 3rd  Tanner and Charles both advance to region!  The team of Kelsey Balli, Tanner Dawson, Austin Gough and Charles Quass placed 1st!!  Lorena's entire team advances to region!

Literary Criticism:  Lauren Wilfong placed 5th
The team of Chloe Conally, Lovett Ledger, Jessie Patterson and Lauren Wilfong placed 2nd.  Lorena's Lit Crit team is alternate for region!

Spelling and Vocabulary:  Jacob Mathis placed 3rd.  Jacob advances to region!

Computer Science:  Jackson Krall placed 5th, Sergio Guzman placed 6th.
The team of Jackson Krall, Sergio Guzman, Eric Busch and Mason Elliot placed 2nd and is alternate for region!

Mathematics: Austin Allsup placed 2nd, Jenette McQuerry placed 6th.  Austin advances to region!

Social Studies: Charles Quaas placed 4th, Joseph Quaas placed 5th.  Charles is alternate for region!

Headline Writing:  Jessie Patterson placed 3rd, Alex Boswell placed 4th.  Jessie advances to region!  Alex is alternate for region!

The LHS Band competed at UIL Concert and Sightreading Contest and received the highest scores in concert and in sightreading!  The Lorena Band was one of only two bands in our region that received the highest scores in marching, concert and sightreading!  Congratulations to the LHS Band!   
Congratulations to the LHS Band for performing extremely well at a pre-UIL contest. They received the highest score from all of the judges!!!!  It was an outstanding performance!

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Lorena High School will assure excellence and readiness for a changing world.
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In order to fulfill our vision, Lorena High School will facilitate greatness in our students by promoting:
1. academic excellence through high expectations and comprehensive, relevant curriculum;
2. personal integrity by modeling appropriate behavior in all situations;
3. and positive self-esteem through student recognition and positive relationships.
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